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Introducing Soundroom by Noti

Soundroom by Polish brand Noti offers a unique and innovative office furniture solution. Bringing together a range of complementary components, Soundroom makes it possible to design a complete and varied landscape of spatial and acoustic necessities within the office.




Acoustics in the modern workplace is an issue. Soundroom is one way to resolve that issue. Designed by Tomek Ryagalik, Soundroom features an innovative acoustic panel technology together with sound-diffusing geometry seen in typical recording studios. The combination of sound management with high-quality design means the product can achieve what many other solutions out there can’t – reduce noise while bringing the right aesthetics.




The modular design of the products also lends itself to a wide array of functions that are required at work, making it suitable for all types of workplaces – from agile, open plan or something more traditional. Outside of workplace scenarios, Soundroom is also suitable for education and institutional environments such as libraries or universities. Any kind of building really that requires a zone for quiet, team focused activity.




Offices, in particular, require an acoustic solution. Soundroom helps workers perform tasks by offering a place of respite from the typical ‘overstimulated’ office environs. By placing various Soundroom product throughout a space – rooms, small booths, phone booths – people are able to separate themselves from coworkers when focus work is required, or even when a quiet conversation needs to take place.


The Materiality and Technology

A unique feature of the Soundroom collection is its use of a light polyester felt. The non-woven fabric covers a honeycomb-shaped cardboard core on both sides. A rigid and ribbed material is the outcome, which is achieved through a process of thermoforming. It’s a lightweight material while being extremely durable and visually appealing. The best bit is that it is warm to the touch.




A defining characteristic of Soundroom is a wavy ribbed shape on the inside of the product, while the outside is flat. Another key factor is that because the panels are covered in a layer of felt, there is no need for extra upholstery or other design finishes - it is already a high-end design product.




Soundroom by Noti has been tested extensively in Poland and has achieved accreditation in sound absorption for reverberation and noise reduction for sound attenuation.


P4 is proud to be launching Soundroom in Australia. Sample products to be arriving shortly, but if you’d like to test one out or want further information, reach out to one of our team today.



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