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Listen Up: Acoustic Accessories in the Workplace Matter

With the evolving nature of the modern workplace, the transition to open-plan offices comes with a price. Known as the most popular design vision for the 21st-century workplace, there is a challenge to creating an office that aids productivity and the input of acoustic solutions in an open spatial plan.


The Quick Solution

Put simply, a noisy open-plan office environment is not the most ideal for boosting up those productivity levels. As a cost-efficient and time saving solution, acoustic accessories are the perfect addition for the working environment. 

Offering an immediate and simple solution, acoustic booth and panelling elements provide the answer for all your noise-controlling needs. Inclusive of any open-plan office, acoustic accessories are the straightforward formula for improving employee productivity and comfort in the office.


Easy Installation

The vibrant and energetic atmosphere of open plan work spaces can be extremely infectious, however, this means that acoustic management is more important than ever before. Noise attenuation is a serious topic and this means that there’s a great demand for products that are easy and ready to install on the go. 


They’re Great Looking

Let’s face it – some of the new office acoustic accessories are looking extremely fresh. The attractiveness of phone booths and acoustic panelling in their organic, delicate and rectilinear forms make them a flawless design statement to elevate any office aesthetic. As the need for readily available acoustic solutions is rising, more stylish and contemporary products are making their debut in the design scene.


Blocks – Mute Design

Mute Design offers structural familiarity with Blocks. A versatile family of flexible, colourful and rectilinear acoustic panels, Blocks comes with the highest sound absorption properties. 

With six key various shape and sizes, this product is spoilt with configuration choice – whether you want to keep a straight, simple and calm repeated format or run your imagination wild with an artistic panel set-up, Blocks is flexible for any environment. The rounded edges are designed for a delightful interplay of light and shadows throughout the space, making them the primary choice for your acoustic needs. 

Available in wall-hanging formats or as ceiling features, Blocks is a fully adaptable and versatile system for improving any acoustic interior.


Blocks Inspire 5


Soundroom | Phone Booth – Noti

Working with Noti, designer Tomek Rygalik presents a unique acoustic solution with the sound-diffusing geometry of Soundroom.

Replicating the acoustic systems of a recording a studio, the Soundroom is an original product collection that offers a solution for a private, acoustic area where exclusive phone calls can be made without any of the distractions of the office. Included in the Soundroom suite of products is the petite Phone Booth.

The light polyester felt and woven fabric material form a honeycomb-shaped cardboard structural core with hexagonal cells creating a thermoformed and aesthetically-pleasing panel. Lightweight with a distinctive corrugated characteristic, the Soundroom is the perfect addition for the 9-5 everyday office.


Noti Soundroom Product Calling Booth 1


Pincettes Mask – True

Need to be isolated for just a little bit? The Pincettes range by True is here for that. Meeting the UNI EN ISO 354 acoustic requirements, the Pincettes Mask is the best of the best.

Offering a range of acoustic products that control unwanted sound within the office (or any environment for that matter), the Pincettes collection is perfect to create a private soundproof space without completely excluding the user. The Pincettes Mask is specifically designed to absorb sound at the convenience of your desk or table. Composed of a multi-layer sheet of polyester and ‘pinched’ textile, the Pincettes Mask is the contemporary sound absorption product needed in the 21st-century office. 

A meticulously crafted piece of design with a solid wood structure and base, the True brand knows exactly what you need.


Pincettes Mask ad7


Arc – Blå Station

Stone Designs has created Arc for Blå Station, its third sound absorbent product for the brand. Inspired by the iconic forms of the Colosseum in Rome, Arc is versatile and flexible in nature and can be arranged in many vertical and horizontal configurations. 

This product is designed as the superior sound-absorbing panel to reduce ambient noise and echoes within any environment. Through meticulous craftsmanship, Blå Station constructed Arc using hot-pressed 100 per cent polyester form felt for that premium quality acoustic solution.

Available in a selected range of European fabrics and finishes, it is exclusive to P4.


Arc Inspire 5


Booth – Mute Design

A household name, Mute Design presents an exquisitely designed wall-mounted telephone hood for the office environment. Offering a space for instant and temporary privacy, Booth is the quick and perfect solution for noisy open-plan spaces. A highly technical product following an organic and intimate form, Booth brings sophisticated elegance to any interior space.

Replicating the conventional form of a traditional telephone cubicle, Booth immerses the user in a velvety-material shelter for that time away from the energetic distraction of the office.


Mute Booth Inspire 3


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