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What is RE MAX®? Maxdesign extends its material offering + new extensions from Salone

Maxdesign has expanded its collections with the introduction of new materials, colours and finishes across many of its designs. With these updates and changes, as showcased at the 2019 Salone del Mobile preview, the brand continues to create designs that meet the specific needs of interior designers globally.

Take a look at all that’s new from the design powerhouse.



RE MAX® is Maxdesign's exclusive material innovation. Composed of 100% recycled polypropylene (PP) sourced from post-industrial waste, or a unique blend of recycled polypropylene + waste wood product, RE MAX® is the next evolution of material development and aligns with Maxdesign's sustainable outlook.

This new material was presented in two ways at this year's Salone del Mobile. Available in a stunning colour palette of solid colours for 2019 as well as RE WOOD blends that cleverly combine recycled plastics, colours and recycled wood particles, forming a range of highly progressive colours and finishes.

Taking this new materiality to market, the design studio presented these finishes on none other than Max, which was launched to much fanfare at last year's Salone.


MXD Max6

MXD Max1


Appia Gets A Leather Finish

Maxdesign has also introduced a few new features in its coveted Appia product family. Designed by Christoph Jenni, these chairs have the ability to adapt to almost any type of setting and represent the ultimate in functionality and style.


MXD Appia Leather4


At the 2019 trade fair, the Appia chair range was seen donning a brand new avatar – an exclusive genuine leather covering in combination with beech plywood. The new materiality speaks to the elegance of the Appia chair and opens it up to even more opportunities in where it could be specified. 


MXD Appia Leather1 



With Baba’s functional table collection too, Maxdesign has released some new finishes.  The cement base is now available in red oxide and black, while the solid ash tabletop can be tinted ash grey, mineral blue or red oxide.  A range of local Australian finishes are also available.


MXD Baba5 


The brand’s expanded catalogue collections have been gathered and organised in its updated Toolbox, and we love them! Find out how Maxdesign can help with your next project. 


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