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Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020: Celebrating Blå Station

A highlight on the design calendar, the Stockholm Furniture Fair took place on February 4 – showcasing the best of Scandinavian creativity and craftsmanship on an international stage. For five days in February, designers unveiled their new products exploring the latest trends for commercial and private environments. Attracting a global audience from over 100 countries, it was an event of immense support and celebration of the present and future of design, as well as announcing the recipients of the much-loved Form Awards. 


Bla Station - Stockholm


Launched in 2017, Form Award recognises the artistry and creativity poured into these new designs and honours the work that has gone into the processes over the year. This year, we’re thrilled to give massive congratulations to Thomas Bernstrand & Stefan Borselius, designers of the BOB series for Blå Station, for receiving the Designer of the Year recognition by Form Award 2020!

After a year of designing, refining and producing, Blå Station presented fresh, new exciting products including Park+, Bobby, Combo, Still Life, Miss Åhus and additions to Pinzo, Röhsska and Wilmer.


To kick off the new decade, Blå Station welcomes Park+ to the family – a flexible seating system that brings the sunlight from the outdoors indoors. Designed by Italian trio, CMP, Park+ creates an easy-going and informal atmosphere while instilling a feeling of Scandinavian outdoor relaxation.

6Park 052


The much-loved BOB family grows this year with a newly arrived younger brother. Confident and independent, Bobby can be happy standing all by himself or he can join the family – transforming himself into a sofa for everyone. Designed by Stefan Borselius and Thomas Bernstrand, Bobby is welcomed into the BOB squad with open arms. 


1Job 0227



Borselius and Bernstrand also introduce Combo 1, 2 and 3: a graphic table, seats or a combination of both, that celebrate simplicity in its finest form. Forget those protruding furniture legs that you always trip on – this new, dynamic and user-friendly interior architectural wonder is suitable for both the indoors and outdoors. 


Combo 018

Miss Åhus

Miss Åhus steps into the scene with a slender and elegant frame that pairs perfectly with the Åhus sofa and easy chair. Behind the magic are designers Sebastian Alberdi and Gustavo Maggio – creating a thin and precise drawing that smartly frames the user with soft curved lines and inclined back legs. Exquisitely bold, Miss Åhus presents an intelligent and emotionally charged aesthetic with a feminine touch.


Job 0108


Still Life

Marcel Sigel (a talented Australian designer living in London) brings excitement to the Still Life chair thanks to an iconic twist to the backrest. The ash veneered birch wood – bent to the extremes at the ends – flows effortlessly like a strip of cloth throughout the chair, almost like it was frozen in time. 

Still Life 001


Ah, Pinzo – the sturdy little punk of a chair with an inviting character says hello to new friends. David Ericsson brings you something that’s more than just an object – three new low tables in different sizes and forms pair up with the famous Pinzo chair to bring some excitement into your space, as well as a new stylish addition of a reversible seat cushion in leather, suede and natural felt to add that extra level of comfort and sophistication.

Pinzo 035

Röhsska Bar

100% wood and colourfully unique, Fredrik Paulsen’s folky chair reintroduces Röhsska, the museum of design and craft in Gothenburg, in a special way. Aptly named, the Röhsska chair is now accompanied by the Röhsska barstool for Fredrik’s Designbar at this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Rohsska 052


Stefan Borselius ups the ante of Wilmer by adding an integrated table for maximum multi-functionality. The raised armrest on the left side is made for deep thoughts and relaxation; while reading, chatting or working with a table for a laptop, book or magazine on the right side. Whatever it is, Wilmer is there for you.





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