In 2013, Cerantola SPA founded Colos with the ambition to conceive and develop affordable and quality products, tracing the heritage of Italian know-how up to the industrial landscape of the 21st century.

Every Colos product comes with Cerantola's thirty years of experience, which has resulted in today's optimized production process, with each stage carried out under our expert watchful eye. This allows us to successfully merge aesthetics and efficiency, for Italian-made excellence that you can see and touch.

Colos’ manifesto pushes them to discover, inspire, and create.

Colos believes in continuous research: into materials, trends, and market demands. But, above all, a belief in the value of people. They are constantly on the lookout for new voices in design: individuals to embark on a journey of continuous evolution and growth with the company.

Every Colos product is a springboard for creativity. Timeless design, attention to detail and a custom approach are our strengths: the added value in any quality design.

All Colos products are manufactured at their Loria facility in the province of Treviso, leveraging the best in innovative technologies. This means every stage of the production process, optimizing costs can be monitored and subsequently maintain Colos’ consistently superior standards.


What our team says:

“Working with designers like Christoph JenniFabian Schwaerzler and Alban Le Henry continues to set Colos apart from most Italian furniture manufacturers. With genuine, original designs in the collection, Colos constantly introduces new, exciting products making them a favourite of our customers and our team.”

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