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Furnished Forever

Origin: Australia, est. 2017

Furnished Forever is a commercial furniture studio founded in 2017 by Canberra-based designers René Linssen and Elliot Bastianon. The brand offers a range of highly functional products to cater for the commercial and residential markets. Furnished Forever is defined by clean lines, crisp geometry and a restricted colour palette.

Linssen and Bastianon place great value on Australian manufacturing industries, and all Furnished Forever products are designed and fabricated domestically, with a particular emphasis placed on manufacturers in the ACT and Southern NSW region. This allows a direct dialogue between Furnished Forever and the industry, ensuring every piece meets the high standards of the studio.

What our team says:

Furnished Forever's designs are a testament to their dedication to aesthetics and functionality. P4 is very proud to support Furnished Forever's commitment to Australian design and manufacturing.”


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