Origin: Italy, est. 2000

The transformative period of design in which we live – where the boundaries between the public and private sphere are redefined, where everything is multi-faceted and multi-purpose – compelling Maxdesign to meditate on the organisation of our work spaces. For over 25 years, Maxdesign has been trying to answer these questions, evolving with the market and its needs to test new modes of design for our commercial environments, while preserving some of the cornerstones which form the foundations of a successful, people-focused workplace.

Located in the province of Treviso, Maxdesign focuses its production on seats, tables and furnishings with a contemporary, highly functional and user-friendly design, combined with remarkable physical and visual lightness. Never will they lose sight of their fundamental objective: human wellbeing in workspaces, which are becoming increasingly smaller, sometimes even temporary, and are certainly in continuous transformation.

But how do they do this? Maxdesign has a strong commitment to consistent ergonomic research, specialised production with innovative materials, accurate colour studies, collaborations with the most versatile talents on the international creative scene, and the selection of materials and fabrics. Collaborations with world-famous designers have also defined the brand, having teamed up with the likes of Marco Maran, Gabriele Pezzini, Hannes Wettstein, Studio Hannes Wettstein, Dominic Symons, Dunja Weber, Marco Acerbis, Tomás Alonso and Christoph Jenni – to name a few.

Maxdesign obtained its first ISO 9001 back in 2012 it has demonstrated focus on respecting and maintaining all the regulatory requirements to maintain this certification ever since. The entire organization is encompassed in the process. People, facilities, equipments, training and services are constantly implemented to meet rigorous Quality Management System requirements. Year after year Maxdesign identifies new potential improvements and to make sure to be eligible for the certification.

The common denominator throughout each of Maxdesign’s globally-loved collections, is an ever contemporary style resulting in simple, timeless and universal shapes that blend in with any interior setting. Two more mainstays of the company’s production are high quality and environmental sustainability, reflected in the use of less polluting and recyclable materials and in the certifications obtained under the ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 standards.

Now a brand of FK Europe, 2020 brings new opportunities for the brand and we look forward to the next evolution of product development. 


What our team says:

“Maxdesign's commitment to developing products that serve both designers and the users in a contemporary and lively way seamlessly aligns with our mission to curate products for people. A few of the P4 Team's favourites from Maxdesign's collection are Stratos, Plato, Baba and Max.”

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