Origin: Italy, 1957

S•CAB is the story of a company and a family - now extended to the third generation, born from the intuition and passion of its founder Cav. Francesco Battaglia. S•CAB has become synonymous with top-quality furniture, crafting a strong reputation over the years as the result of great attention paid to design and products, extensive know-how of materials and an ongoing process of refining its machining processes and search for new technologies.

The founding values of S•CAB are shared by the new generations at the helm of the company. Typical of a family business, they integrate perfectly with the needs of the contemporary market with high attention to detail and pursuit of the highest quality combine combined with a large-scale, efficient, and optimized production process.

The design of the various furnishing complements is the product of work done with passion by international architects and designers who have collaborated with the company and have managed to transform technique into art, promoting beauty with each creation. 

The original name SCAB Design is an important legacy for the family and for the furniture industry, whether it be home design or contracts indoors or outdoors. In March 2021 it was reinvented by creating an updated logo where the S for 'sedute' (chairs) was highlighted, underlining the company’s core business. The transition from SCAB to S•CAB represented a turning point of renewed momentum towards the future without forgetting the past and emphasising the uniqueness of the brand.

Respect for the environment is one of the fundamental values that guide S•CAB towards techniques and modern and eco-friendly production processes. In addition to having designed an efficient and waste-free supply chain, the individual components of S•CAB products can be perfectly recycled. The perfection of shapes and the quality of materials is a key pursuit of S•CAB which has resulted in many of its creations obtaining CATAS product certification.

S•CAB is a part of the Special Register of Historic Trademarks of National Interest - a significant accomplishment and cause for celebration for S•CAB.


What our team says:

“Show-stopping products on every page of the catalogue. Highly detailed and built to last.

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