Beiersdorf is one of the largest global skin care companies in the world. So it is no suprise that the task of creating a workspace for their Melbourne employees was granted to Incorp

As evidenced in the images, the impressive results show a spacious and bright kitchen as well as modern breakaway and meeting spaces. The Epoca stools and Epoca chairs  by Luxy offer a friendly familiarity with pragmatic sensibilities that invite employees to brainstorm and strategise. The upholstery masterfully chosen to compliment and reflect "The Blue Agenda", a strategy focusing on the needs and wishes of Beiersdorf's consumers as well as achieving their own goals. 

The warm and natural Beech tones of our Hellen Plus SE01 chair perfectly contrast, yet compliment the lush greenery in the Cafe/Kitchen area of the workplace. 

Completed: April 2018


Melbourne, VIC
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Rachael Scerri

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