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Australian FinTech start-up Tyro unveiled the Tyro FinTechHub – a specially designed workspace in the heart of Sydney with state of the art facilities available for hire to small teams with a dream for innovation.

Tyro's FinTechHub was designed by Cox Architecture, with lead interior designer Ingrid Kelly working closely with Tyro’s Fiona Stollman to turn the vision into a reality. 

Clusters of Boss Design’s high and low back Shuffle seats were used allowing for more intimate work in a less formal setting.  The circular US/11 lounge, also part of Boss Design's portfolio, were used to create flexible meeting and work areas ensuring that the need for versatility in the space was met.

Not shown in these images, the Coza chair from Boss Design was used extensively throughout the office and meeting spaces.


Sydney CBD
Time to Complete
6 Weeks
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