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A New Era In Table Design

In recent years, multi-functionality has become a deeply ingrained component of design. Today, our phones are no longer just tools for making and receiving calls – they’re also cameras, gaming devices, calendars, translators, and more.

While this shift toward multi-functionality could be traced back to advances in technology, it also represents a wider cultural trend towards more conscious consumption.

The general train of thought seems to be “why purchase multiple products that do separate things when one product does them all?”

As our living and working spaces become more compact and space continues at premium costs, we’re keen to see furniture design embrace multi-functionality even more.




Size is a perfect fit!

Swedish design company Blå Station is doing just that with Size (pictured above) and Ping-Pong. Both tables go back to first principles, reconsidering what we actually need from one of the most basic pieces of furniture. And that's to deliver mobility, flexibility, and adaptability.

As its name suggests, the Size series of solid wood tables can be adapted to virtually any size. Available with either a single pedestal or multi-leg base, Size tables can be customised to meet unique size and space constraints without compromising on clean, contemporary style.

Customising Size is a matter of following a few simple steps: first, specify the desired size and shape, then choose whether to finish the tabletop with a stain or oil.



Second, choose between a pedestal or multi-leg base, the pedestal working particularly well for smaller arrangements. For longer tables or a classic aesthetic, the multi-leg base offers a choice between three or four legs in a radial or elongated configuration. 




After something a little more playful?


True to its name, Blå Station’s Ping-Pong table bounces agilely between different uses, acting alternately as a table, bar table, coffee table, and bench.

Robust construction from solid wood, high-pressure laminate on plywood, painted MDF, or Valchromat makes Ping-Pong perfect for high traffic areas in offices, showrooms, and hospitality environments.


Ping Pong Dundra


Adopting a stylish, minimalist aesthetic, Ping-Pong transitions smoothly from a mid-morning team brainstorming session to Friday night drinks, and can then easily be wiped clean for Monday morning.

Customisation options include height, tabletop and bench sizes, and integrated openings for cables and power. Users can also specify modesty screens for Ping-Pong tables intended for one-sided use, as well as a stainless steel footrest for use with stool seating.  




In today’s busy, technology-driven world, it’s rare for us to be doing just one thing at once. We’ve often got many projects on the go, and are working from more places.

So why should our furniture be any different? With Size and Ping-Pong, Blå Station shows us that multi-functionality need not be confined to tech.



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