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Blå Station

Origin: Sweden, est. 1986

Blå Station, a family business, was born from furniture designer Börge Lindau’s desire to put into production furniture which he himself liked and which, to his mind, deserved a place in the market.

When they moved into what used to be a sewing factory in Åhus in 1986, Lindau and team placed a few furniture prototypes in one of the corners of the building along with art exhibits and jazz concerts. It was a fun environment and the place quickly became known as became their “Station” – rather fitting, as there is always something going on at a station; a constant flow of change. The Blå part of the brand’s name originated from founder Börge Lindau’s signature “BLÅ” on his drawings – the B and the L being the initials of his first and last name and the Å representing Åhus where he had settled. And so, Blå Station was born!

Fuelled by curiosity, Blå Station is driven by a desire to keep searching, not for the already known and established, but for the unexpected, the yet-to-be discovered. This is a brand who truly take pleasure in what we are doing as they continue to develop new products. However, for Blå Station it isn't enough that a product has never been shown before. For it to be considered new, it must be able to demonstrate a new attitude towards shape, function, material or the industrial production process. For Blå Station, new furniture should be better at something and offer an alternative to what is already available. 

Blå Station is a brand that approaches product design by focusing on the interiors that surround us – how they are built and how they work. How do we interact in the public space? Has today´s society added new demands? Has our way of socializing changed? These and many other questions inspire Blå Station to truly think differently.


What our team says:

Blå Station's collection pushes boundaries with their innate sense of innovation – perfectly aligning with our search for evolving, expressive design. With a focus on originality, Blå Station has been a welcomed addition to our product mix and ensures we get specified regularly.”



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