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Blå Station’s BOB Cleans Up World's Top Prizes!

What do you expect your furniture to do? Beyond the obvious of providing a comfortable place to sit and work and complementing the interior space, what about offering design flexibility and a warm, timeless aesthetic? What about handling both business meetings and Friday night office drinks? Better yet, what about growing with your team and moving easily when you move? 

BOB, the much-lauded modular sofa system designed by Bernstrand & Borselius for Blå Station, does all the above and more, and has won over the imaginations of design juries around the world. An Honoree in the Lounge Seating category of NYC X Design, BOB has cleaned up on the awards circuit worldwide, also picking up the Editor’s Choice award at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2017 and top honours in the Furniture category of MIAW – MUUZ International Awards 2017 and Contract category of the Archiproducts Design Awards.



Presenting BOB – Winner Of 7 Of The Biggest Design Awards Worldwide:


Archiproducts Design Awards 2017

Best Product - Editor´s Choice Award of Stockholm Furniture Fair 2017

ICFF NYC 2017 - Editors Awards

NYC X DESIGN Awards Honoree

German Design Award 2018

MIAW Muuz International Awards 2017

Plaza Interiör Seating Furniture Award 2017


One quick glance at BOB tells you that these accolades are mightily deserved, and that the highly refined system perfectly responds to – and celebrates – the need for flexibility and modularity in the commercial space. An increasingly young global workforce has vastly altered the commercial design landscape, making the call for adaptable offices that cater for wellbeing and provide space to step back from work greater than ever. Changing work habits have also seen teams expand and contract over time as staff members work remotely or for flexible hours.

Blå Station are characteristically attuned to the effects of this shift on the requirements of office furniture, and also acknowledge a host of other challenges currently faced by end users within the commercial market. Amongst these are relatively small or irregularly shaped floor plates, shorter occupancy rates as companies relocate to accommodate fluctuating team sizes, and the omnipresent quest for durability.

To address these challenges, at the outset of the design process Johan Lindau, CEO and design manager of Blå Station, asked, “Is it possible to allow for maximum flexibility with a minimum of components at a reasonable price?” This three-part driver is evident in BOB, which delivers flexibility with panache and without hassle. All 5 modules within the range fit together intuitively in a virtually infinite range of configurations and without complicated fixings.


Moving office?


No problem! BOB is optimised for transport and easy lifting, with plastic feet to protect your floors.


Not sure if BOB will fit within your new space?


Also fine! The BOB Planner on Blå Station’s website will help you work out the best possible configuration of your BOB modules.


While other modular systems grow in large increments, BOB's modules are a svelte 26cm wide, allowing users to perfectly tailor seating to meet their precise space needs. Coupled with the lack of a ‘back side’, meaning that BOB looks great from every angle, this allows the modules to be arranged in groups big and small.

A small cluster of modules can create a futon or plush armchair, while a string of modules can be arranged to spiral sinuously across an office space and provide relaxed group seating. BOB is a far cry from the squares and rectangles of conventional office sofas, a distinction that it bears with pride: the plush modular units are available in a wide range of fabrics and dizzying wheel of colours.


From all of us at P4, we want to wish our friends at Bla Station one BIG congratulations! We can't wait to see what 2018 has in store for BOB (we've got a sneaking suspicion that the winning streak isn't over just yet!).



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