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ORGATEC 2022 Catch up: Make Space for Mute

Our rapidly changing workplace environment calls for flexible spaces that adapt to the workers who use them and support a growing need for socialisation and creative ideation. Firmly placing sustainability and malleability at the forefront, Mute’s 2022 ORGATEC exhibit introduced OmniRoom and Jetson – two game-changing products that expand the functionality of the future office space.


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Designed by architects and inspired by real space plans, OmniRoom will offer over 100 ready-to-use room layouts divided into four main groups to cover a multitude of functions and area sizes: Work (workstation configurations in sitting and standing positions, including personal offices and hot-desks), Meet (various conference spaces with dedicated wall-mounted shelves and TV cabinets), Lounge (chill-out areas where comfort and relaxation are at the forefront) and Support (complimentary rooms to aid office management).


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With a growing need to sustainably work with existing buildings, OmniRoom’s free-standing structure is ready to be built anywhere with no impact to the construction of the building. Additional wall-mounted furniture can be easily attached and rearranged in just a few hours, further customising your system and making OmniRoom the ideal solution to meet agile needs and trends.

Available 2023


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A solitary spot for 1 person or a huddle space for 4 people, Jetson boasts a pioneering, innovative no-tool assembly and efficient acoustic reduction of -26dB achieved for speech attenuation – the result of over 18 months of innovative thinking, research and development. 

Seamlessly customise the bright and spacious Jetson to suit your environment with accessories, bookshelves or a whiteboard anywhere and at any height, inside or out.

Available to order NOW

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The perfect flexible alternatives to building masonry and plasterboard constructions – OmniRoom and Jetson have been crafted from highly durable, 100% recyclable aluminium with a staggering 70% recycled content, and have been designed for disassembly to ensure continuous adaptability in any new space. Not only does this lightweight material result in a lower price point than previous models, but the CO2 emissions typically produced throughout the production and transportation processes are also reduced – better for the environment and for you!


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 Have any questions about OmniRoom or Jetson? Reach out to our team today.


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