Origin: Poland

As pioneers of the acoustic world, Mute creates products for friendly and rewarding conversations in busy spaces with solutions that combine top acoustic performance with timeless design.

Mute’s primary goal is to create built to last products with genuine value for their users. They take sole responsibility for the entire production process using locally sourced and durable materials, made proudly by their talented team of craftsmen. Their in-house sound experts work tirelessly to bring your conversations to a higher level - ensuring top product performance and putting them at the forefront of innovation.

At the heart of Mute’s design philosophy is a desire to explore aesthetic simplicity – a vision that lets the beauty shine through and the technical element take a back seat. Their contemporary pieces have been carefully crafted for the modern-day office, hotels and other public spaces.


What our team says:

“Having been genuine specialists in the acoustics game since day dot, Mute's ability to combine quality functionality with contemporary design makes them the best in their class.”

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