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Salone del Mobile 2022 Catch Up: Meet RUT

RUT has been charming audiences all over since launching at the Salone del Mobile in June, continuing its glorious world tour through Denmark’s 3 Days of Design event and NeoCon in the United States.⁠



RUT is a square sofa system that firmly focuses on flexibility – further consolidating Blå Station as a leader blurring the lines between work and the comforts of home for the modern employee. Like the previous BOB collection, RUT effortlessly fits into any environment thanks to the endless combinations it adapts to, all supported by a stunning steel H-beam detail which adds a distinctive industrial touch to the structure with solid oak supports.




RUT Project 15


Assemble as many squares as needed, turning them to the right, left, or all the way around to offer different seating possibilities secured with two bolts. RUT is easily customised with armrests, ingenious rotating writing tablets and electricity/USB – don’t forget to discuss your specific project requirements with our team.



RUT Project 16


Following the immense success of the BOB Planner, a RUT Planner made perfect sense to enable designers to explore the full potential of this malleable system – compose and rearrange seamlessly according to your functional and aesthetic needs. Click the screen below to experience the planner yourself.


RUT Planner 1 701


Have any questions about RUT? Reach out to our team today.


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