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SFF24 Blå Station Newness

The past few years have seen Blå Station approaching design from a new sustainability perspective and questioning what defines sustainability in the modern context. This year's Stockholm Furniture Fair saw three complete newcomers enter their product range, all with innovation front of mind...




In a constantly shrinking box with walls of rules, regulations, laws, certificates, and demands, is Blå Station able to think inside the box?

Blå Station has always pursued sustainability, durability, and timelessness since the birth of their company in 1986. However, could all questions and demands be addressed in one product? Could one product be sustainable, recyclable, upgradeable, changeable, renewable, dismountable, traceable, serviceable, adaptable, and still lovable? Enter ABLE, a multifunctional and easily adaptable character with components that are 100% recyclable. Blå Station proves they are ABLE!




In a world constantly flooded with new digital and human-abandoned solutions, VEVA became an opportunity for Blå Station to return to the simple, the obvious - what the eye sees and understands - in an instant.

Of course in the future the function of cranking may longer be needed, but for Blå Station VEVA can be seen as an educational product designed to preserve a simple and obvious manual intervention. Although VEVA sprung from the minds of Swedish designers Thomas Bernstrand and Stefan Borselius, the cranking action of the table is reminiscent of the iconic Australian hills hoist and invites users to actively interact with the furniture piece in all settings.




It started as an experiment with three different reflective surfaces - would a round glossy mirror-surface disappear in the room, or could the surfaces be shaped so that they reflect the room in different ways? BLANK adds the perfect contemporary touch to any space, simultaneously making a statement and seamlessly moulding to the room.



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