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Specifying In The Education Sector

In today’s competitive market, designers can no longer afford to play it safe. Savvy clients are demanding higher levels of sophisticated design.

As we have previously written, schools are no longer just spaces for textbooks and desks but also sites of ‘sticky design’ that encourage users to ‘stick around’ and engage with the space.

Similarly, office spaces are now designed to foster worker well being alongside productivity, and the hospitality sector has doubled down on its attempts to create spaces that encourage conviviality and good times.


True Design Impresses The Middle East

At the GEMS Nations Academy in Dubai features common spaces and lounge areas completed by our friends at True.

The bright, spacious interiors respond to the brief in a unique way that exemplifies how both the landscapes of modern design and modern education continue to adapt.

GEMS, which recently merged with Dubai American Academy, offers a ‘trilingual’ curriculum in which students learn English, Arabic, and coding. This is not unheard of, and product specification and interior design in the education sector has adapted to keep up with this innovative, future-focused agenda.


Education design is no longer just about providing end-users with a desk, a chair, and a blackboard. Rather, open plan teaching and ‘break out’ spaces have introduced a host of other considerations.

For GEMS, True paid special attention to the specification of furniture, particularly soft furnishings. A relatively new consideration in this sector, the careful choice of furniture allowed for different learning environments that cater to different learning styles.

The vibrant furniture in GEMS allows for both individual and group use. Meanwhile, strategically placed lighting provides bright, even light where natural light is restricted. 

True's design acumen and understanding of the needs of today’s learners is evident through its range of furnishings, movable partitions and screening elements.





As the global education sector continues to change and adapt, designers in Australia are facing issues of thermal comfort and acoustic control. Thanks to changing attitudes toward education, designers around the world must strive to create warmer, inviting learning spaces that produce classes of future-proof, creative, and happy learners. 





What Was Specified?


ARCA by True (designed by Parisotto + Formenton)

Arca9094 ad1

DNA by True (designed by Leonardo Rossano & Debora Mansur)


PINCETTES by True (designed by Luciano Dell’Orefice)


Pincettes Cap ad2 


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