Origin: Italy, est. 2009

Following their parent's  success in the realm of  office, theatre and cinema seating, Lorenzo and Alessandro Maniero first forayed into the designer furniture industry in 2009.

A future-thinking design house, the brothers define "modern" as, first of all, pushing beyond trends to identify what is a classic through investing in originality over those momentary movements in design that too quickly change from innovative into conventional. Pieces characterised by high aesthetic and functionality are True’s signature, with a marked propensity to customisation and “tailored” production. This is achieved through thoughtful collaborations with prominent Italian and international designers such as Orlandini Design, Favaretto and Partners and Leonardo Rossano, in the design and development of innovation.

Aldo Parisotto took the reigns of True's creative direction in 2014, acting as the bridge between designers and architects through his own practice in Milano. His close collaboration with True has further defined the brand in its authenticity, practicality and concreteness.

For True, fashion and trends should only be fleetingly appreciated, but also seen as a catalyst for identifying the larger underlying changes in the market. True is a company that aims to move forward by appreciating the past but has its eyes set firmly on the future. Completely pragmatic, True is aware that everything around them gets old before they do, which is why they approach design through the nexus of past and present – classics for the modern age.


What our team says:

“Groundbreaking concepts and simplistic pragmatism, True should be applauded for identifying workplace and public space gaps. A solid case-in-point here is the Code collection, which typifies the True portfolio.”



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