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The Task Chair... Redefined!

Levent Caglar, Head of Ergonomics at FIRA, has recently said that "Over the past two years Boss Design have completely deconstructed our established ideas about how an office chair should move, what it should offer to the user, before creating a product that shows tangible improvements".

The result? 


Today, industrial design in the commercial sector needs to respond to an ever-increasing demand for moving target objects, flexible working models, an agile workforce and a staggering degree of changing demographics across the full spectrum of our professional community. 

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While we're beginning to see the effects of a full-scale transformation occurring in the professional world – a new generation of highly tech-savvy workers, a growing trend for remote working models and the continuing drive for wellness – many in the A+D community are beginning to question the extent to which we can realise the needs for all stakeholders in any given space.

This is precisely where the minds behind Boss Design approached the design of Trinetic: the 2016 winner for Product of the Year at the FX International Interior Design Awards. Recognising that the need to fit the working tools to the body (rather than the body to the tools) will continue to push the cause for health and wellbeing in the workplace into the future, Trinetic is ultimately designed to support rather than resist the user.

Understanding that individuals conduct millions of micro-movements every hour, the design team collaborated with the UK's leading furniture technology centre – FIRA – to ensure that this next generation of ergonomic innovation wil respond directly to tangible circulatory benefits for the end-user. In Calgar's own words, "when Boss Design presented me with their idea [for Trinetic] in 2013, I immediately shared their enthusiasm for the concept and saw the opportunity for this product [] refine the concept in order to ensure that the end result was the best it could be from an ergonomic perspective".

The jury at the FX International Design Awards obviously recognised that Trinetic had achieved that "best" in ergonomy – however, the design's ergonomic features move one step further. Providing an advanced user experience, Trinetic hosts three independent pivot points that all coalesce to offer a significant degree of kinetic interaction. In a way, this innovative approach redefines our stakeholders' expectations of what task chairs might (indeed, can) deliver.

As the world's first fully certified task chair, the provision of dynamic support across Trinetic's form eschews the clunkiness of standard manual user adjustments. It's a feat of streamlining that many would be remiss to too quickly dismiss.

You see, in our current economic climate of ever-increasing overheads (in the property sector) and ever-decreasing rates of talent retention, Trinetic's intelligent kinetic machinations – coupled with the lack of manual individual adjustments – mean that a single unit can be used throughout the course of a working day for any number of individuals, at an equally optimum level of performance for each one of said individuals. Truly a dream for Human Resources and Accounts Payable departments world-wide!

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Trinetic is available to order from P4 throughout Australia and New Zealand in either black or chalk frame finishes, with the additional choice of Camira woven mesh finish for the backrest and seat (the form of which provides a cradling flexibility to support the musculoskeletal position of its user).

According to the brains behind Trinetic, this design marks the next generation of task seating. And, according to the brains behind P4, we're very inclined to agree.

Congratulations Boss Design: winner for Product of the Year at the FX International Interior Design Awards! 


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