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Origin: UK, est. 1983

Since 1983 Boss Design has redefined how commercial spaces can work, introducing a range of high-quality upholstered products that bear all the hallmarks of intelligent design, engineering and craftsmanship. 

Boss Design is a market leader in the UK and a global success in the commercial design scene, largely the result of their focus on in-house R+D, innovation and product design. As a result, Boss Design continues to develop its comprehensive range of upholstery and task seating collections, which remain at the cutting edge of design and respond to the rapidly changing needs of commercial environments.

As an agile furniture design and manufacturing business, they are driven by detail and achieve enviable quality by using the best quality materials and processes available. Boss Design believes in products that are built to last - it makes sense for them, and it makes sense for the planet. They have a responsibility to limit the impact on the environment ensuring the products stay relevant and responsible, and quality materials are used that will withstand the test of time.

Boss Design’s Collection stands for design integrity, detail, and superior quality, with all products standing at the cutting edge of design and featuring first-class engineering and workmanship, extensive tooled investment and incorporating only the finest materials and components. Their Sustainability & Wellness Manifesto helps shape the processes - from the initial concept to the final product with a holistic and collaborative approach to sustainable product development.

We all have a responsibility to improve our environment and communities through responsible manufacturing, providing quality jobs and supporting local and global initiatives. Boss Design understands that everything they do, across the group, has an environmental and social impact. In order to lead the way towards a sustainable future Boss Design measures and strives to continuously improve processes with a transparent approach, share knowledge and encourage sustainable design and mindsets from the inception of a product to the plan for end of its life.


What our team says:

“Perpetually at the forefront of agile and executive task seating innovations, Boss Design products paired with our local licenced production makes it no wonder their products are P4’s premier collection. Boss Design has unparalleled support literature, environmental accreditation all combining to ensure our team thinks foremost "like a BOSS!" Boss Design continues to grow as our customers share in our enthusiasm for this globally recognised and multi award-winning brand.”


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