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Origin: UK, est. 1983

Boss Design is a market leader in the UK and a global success in the commercial design scene, largely the result of their focus on in-house R+D, innovation and product design. As a result, Boss Design continues to develop their comprehensive range of upholstery and task seating collections, which remain at the cutting edge of design and respond to the rapidly changing needs of commercial environments.

In 1983 Managing Director, Brian Murray saw a gap in the market for high quality upholstery.

Already operating in the industry, he was only too aware that at that time the market was dominated by Italian and German designs. Brian looked at the qualities that made these companies successful and whilst the industry in the UK was moving towards affordable mass market products, Brian embarked upon the creation of a brand synonymous with high quality and cutting edge design.

Boss Design’s unique ingredient is their ability to tailor products to suit their client’s requirements. Boss Design, and the partner’s they work alongside internationally, are always happy to sit down and discuss collaborative projects and the development of bespoke, fit-for-purpose designs.

Boss Design’s success and reputation has attracted some of Europe’s most sought after furniture designers to contribute to their ambitious development program. It is ultimately their creativity and passion for design that has enabled them to evolve and become one of the world’s most desirable seating manufacturers to work with.

Their Design & Development Team is made up of the world’s most skilled and prolific designers, engineers, model-makers and upholsterers and are are supported by an international network of freelancers and licensees with wide-ranging skills and experience to help drive their product development program forward.

Boss Design has facilities in Dudley and Cheltenham UK, North America and the U.A.E. equipped with everything they need to develop, prototype and test products from upholstered armchairs and sofas to visitor, meeting, conference, task and operator seating.

Now, Boss Design is a successful international operation with global production capability. The company manufactures in four continents, with plans for further expansion, and has an international supply chain servicing more than thirty countries. The business has attracted a prestigious client base, which includes many high profile and international blue-chip organisations looking to integrate the most progressive design principles into their own businesses.


What our team says:

“Perpetually at the forefront of agile and executive task seating innovations, Boss Design products paired with our local licenced production makes it no wonder their products are P4’s premier collection. Boss Design has unparalleled support literature, environmental accreditation all combining to ensure our team thinks foremost "like a BOSS!" Boss Design continues to grow as our customers share in our enthusiasm for this globally recognised and multi award-winning brand.”


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