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Fredrik Mattson

Fredrik Mattson, born 1973 in Malmö. Educated at the Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. He attended Steneby school and studied furniture carpentry and design.

Fredrik Mattson is a dynamic, questioning and curious designer who never says No, but often – Yes, that could work, or this, or that… He never closes any doors but constantly opens new, unexpected ones. His interest in new materials and techniques goes hand in hand with a genuine knowledge of tradition and handicrafts which result in products with strong, clear characteristics and no compromises on quality.

Fredrik isn’t attracted by a specific style, but rather by the energy and conviction which characterise an object. Through his creativity he strives to achieve clarification and is quite happy to challenge convention.

He has a sense of humour and is talkative, but above all he is an amazing designer who has received several prizes and distinctions.


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