DesignersLeonardo Rossano & Debora Mansur

Leonardo Rossano & Debora Mansur

Debora Mansur has  a degree in Architecture and Urbanism at PUC- MG/Brazil and Master in Interior Design in Florence at FIDI - Florence Institute of Design International. She's being working for ten years in Architecture segment mostly focused on Interior Design for residential and commercial, furniture design, projects on  spaces optimization  and reorganization,  offices layout, residences, stores; development of architectural projects for corporate companies, offices, hospitals, hotels;  urban landscape  and residential spaces design; development of pieces of art, paintings and photographs to compose places...Read more.


Leonardo Rossano, an architect and designer, graduated in ‘91 in Florence, where he resides. In the 90’s he collaborated with architect Claudio Nardi’s studio designing for private residence, public spaces and boutiques including leading Italian designers like Dolce & Gabbana, G. Ferrè and Valentino. Since ’98 he was a freelance designer of furniture, furnishing complements, exhibition space and company image communication...Read More.


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