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Even during his studies, Jakub Sobiepanek provided proof of the aptness of his design visions by conjuring unusual forms out of...

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Meet Bell, a striking acoustic light that offers extraordinary sound absorption performance. Bell is the optimum solution for conference rooms, reception areas or collaborative and huddle spaces.

Did you know? Providing your workers with comfortable light and a well-performing acoustic environment are among the top wellness perks that matter to employees.

Bell's mighty sound-absorbing properties ensure reverb time will be effortlessly decreased. 

One light with 3 options, so you can choose between a Golf LED Variant, recommended for lobbies, restaurants & hotels. A downlight, recommended for open-space offices & conference rooms, or an E27 Screw Variant, which gives you the freedom to choose your own lightbulb.

Available in the following sizes:

- 750mm Dia x 520mm H

- 950mm Dia x 650mm H

- 1150mm Dia x 760mm H

Options include:

 - Bi-colour upholstery from same Fabric Group (extra cost)

 - Choice of detail zip colour

 - Dali dimmer control (extra cost)

This acoustic lighting product must be installed by a qualified and licensed electrician.

Project Price Guide is based on 750mm Downlight Model in Group 1 fabric.

Available EXCLUSIVELY from P4.

For more information on this product please contact your nearest P4 showroom.

1300 888 434 | Melbourne | Sydney | Selected Partners + Dealers Nationally

Despatch lead time: 14 - 16 Weeks (Indent)

Acoustic Information




Upholstery Options

As this is a fully imported product it is only available in a selected range of European fabrics and finishes.  

Project Price Guide shown above includes upholstery from MuteDesign's Group 1 fabric collection. Please see downloads below to view the complete finishes list or contact us for more information on available finishes and fabrics.


750/950/1150 mm
Height | Overall
515/649/787 mm
Power Cable Colour

Product Code
Country of Manufacture


5 Year | Structural

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Brochure | Technical
Catalogue | Collection 2021 | Mute
CAD | 2D
CAD | 3D
CAD | 3DS Max
CAD | Revit® | Please Contact Our Office
Fabric | Mute | Group 1 | Camira 'Era'
Fabric | Mute | Group 1 | Profim 'Evo'
Fabric | Mute | Group 2 | Camira 'Sprint'
Fabric | Mute | Group 2 | Gabriel 'Medley'
Fabric | Mute | Group 2 | Gabriel 'Mica'
Fabric | Mute | Group 3 | Camira 'Synergy'
Fabric | Mute | Group 3 | Gabriel 'Chili'
Fabric | Mute | Group 4 | Gabriel 'Select'
Fabric | Mute | Group 4 | Kvadrat 'Remix'
Fabric | Mute | Group 5 | Kvadrat 'Steelcut Trio'

Zip Finish


Standard Fabric Finish | Group 1 | Indent

Era Aeon CSE20
Era - Aeon CSE20
Era Calendar CSE19
Era - Calendar CSE19
Era Chapter CSE08
Era - Chapter CSE08
Era Cycle CSE06
Era - Cycle CSE06
Era Elapse CSE44
Era - Elapse CSE44
Era Elapse CSE45
Era - Elapse CSE44
Era Endurance CSE35
Era - Endurance CSE34
Era Endurance CSE34
Era - Endurance CSE34
Era Event CSE18
Era - Event CSE18
Era Everlasting CSE10
Era - Everlasting CSE10
Era Forecast CSE11
Era - Forecast CSE11
Era Forward Black CSE14
Era - Forward CSE14
Era Futurist CSE01
Era - Futurist CSE01
Era Generation CSE02
Era - Generation CSE02
Era History CSE21
Era - History CSE21
Era Lifetime CSE03
Era - Lifetime CSE03
Era Perennial CSE12
Era - Perennial CSE12
Era Period CSE07
Era - Period CSE07
Era Phase CSE17
Era - Phase CSE17
Era Present CSE13
Era - Present CSE13
Era Prime CSE09
Era - Prime CSE09
Era Span CSE05
Era - Span CSE05
Era Stage CSE15
Era - Stage CSE15
Era Timelapse CSE16
Era - Timelapse CSE16
Evo EV1
Evo - EV1
Evo EV10
Evo - EV10
Evo EV11
Evo - EV11
Evo EV14
Evo - E14
Evo EV18
Evo - EV18
Evo EV19
Evo - EV19
Evo EV2
Evo - EV2
Evo EV20
Evo - EV20
Evo EV21
Evo - EV21
Evo EV22
Evo - EV22
Evo EV23
Evo - EV23
Evo EV24
Evo - EV24
Evo EV25
Evo - EV25
Evo EV4
Evo - EV4
Evo EV5
Evo - EV5
Evo EV9
Evo - EV9

Ceiling Canopy

Solid Black


Jakub Sobiepanek web

Jakub Sobiepanek

Even during his studies, Jakub Sobiepanek provided proof of the aptness of his design visions by conjuring unusual forms out of...

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