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Mute Goes to London

Over 3000 interior enthusiasts attended the Workspace Design Show in London this year to explore the experience of tomorrow's workspaces.

Continuing the trend we saw at Orgatec 2022, future trends focus keenly on togetherness, collaboration, and the spirit of cooperation - workplaces need to create environments that foster creativity and innovation, while also being agile for the flexible working models that people require. Alys Bryan from Design Insider detailed "choice and 'tailorism'" for users as key aspects of the new workspace, allowing employees to "thrive" in an intentionally versatile and varied space. 



Mute's new room-in-room system stole the spotlight at last year's Orgatec, and this time demonstrated even more configurations, all fully equipped with dedicated furniture and accessories. OmniRoom is truly modular, totally multifunctional, and unbelievably easy to assemble thanks to their patented no-tool linking system, meaning the structure can be easily reconfigured to align with the ever-changing needs of today's workplaces. 



Images by obo at the Workspace Design Show



Achieved through trailblazing technologies and user-friendly solutions with an affordable price tag, Mute's “New Office Essential” aims to increase accessibility to the benefits of acoustic pods. Built for comfort, Jetson™'s bright, spacious and ventilated interior makes it a place you'll want to stay. 


Jetson obo

Image by obo at the Workspace Design Show


Visitors at the Workspace Design Show were able to explore all its unique features and compare the two versions of Jetson™: an individual, cosy acoustic oasis (Jetson™ S1) and a more spacious pod for up to four people (Jetson™ L4).




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