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Origin: Poland

We believe a balanced acoustic environment should play a key role in contemporary interior design.

Sound has always been with us. However with the technological and economic development, more and more sources of unwanted noise disturb our daily lives. The latest trend in design – large open spaces with glass walls and high ceilings, definitely fosters collaboration… but it also creates sub-optimal acoustic environment. An environment where all background noises of conversations, ringtones or printers subconsciously distract us. At MuteDesign®, we truly believe that a balanced acoustic environment can boost productivity, creativity and well-being at work, as well as in places where we meet and socialize.

We are passionate about improving both acoustic properties and style of every interior.

Following our motto – the art of silence – we are here to marry noise reduction with timeless, sustainable design. To do it right, we collaborate with an experienced acoustic laboratory, as well as renowned designers and architects. We develop our products together with experts in acoustics and they are certified as the most efficient in absorbing, blocking or diffusing unwanted noise. At MuteDesign®, we believe that great performance needs to go hand in hand with style. Our acoustic panels have pure and simple design, making them a good fit not only for offices, but also restaurants, schools, libraries and houses.


What our team says:

“The innovative, and dare we say it 'sexy'range of acoustic products and PODS from MuteDesign are simply awesome.  Clean lines, stylish design and an attention to quality and detail like no other makes these products the best in their class.”




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